Transition Guelph

What are Transition Guelph and the Transition Movement?

Transition Guelph is a group of citizens coming together as volunteers to promote processes and projects for strengthening community resilience and economic vitality. Each project associated with Transition Guelph is initiated by an interested community member, and grows according to local needs and resources. Our goal is to create a richer, more vibrant community through the re-localization of the services and resources that we need in order to survive and thrive in a world of long-term energy cost increases, climate change, and growing instability in the world economy.

Transition Guelph is not alone. Currently, the Transition movement is spreading quickly and is unfolding in 28 Canadian cities and nearly 500 cities worldwide. For an up-to-date list, see

The Transition movement, as described in “The Transition Handbook,” by Rob Hopkins, seeks to envision and create an optimistic future for ourselves, our grandchildren, and beyond. In theoretical terms, it means building more resilient communities. In practical terms it means getting to know neighbours, growing food, listening to people’s stories and collectively celebrating achievements. Above all, it’s about DOing. People who are involved in the Transition movement aren’t just talking about what they would like to see happen, they are doing it!

Who is involved?

Transition Guelph is all about local – local people using local resources to make things happen locally. Your neighbour might be involved, or one of your friends. Maybe you will be soon!

Transition Guelph is run from the bottom up. People come with ideas, and Transition Guelph helps them to make it happen by providing a wealth of support and contacts with other people or community partners who are interested in similar things. The project leaders and teams are in charge of the vision and scope of their own projects.

What are they doing?

Some of the fantastic projects already in action are:

How can you get involved?

Check out the Events Calendar or our Transition Guelph Facebook group for more info and upcoming events. Then come to an event – it’s that simple!

– OR –

If you’d like to volunteer, contact us at Let us know what interests you and we’ll connect you with people doing awesome things related to your interests. You can also sign up for the newsletter to stay connected with news, stories, and events.

– OR –

Do you have a project idea you are enthusiastic about? Contact us at and we’ll connect you with other people who can help you make it happen.

About the Transition Movement

The Transition movement began in the town of Totnes in the U.K. back in 2005, and has now spread to towns, cities, villages, islands, schools and universities in over 30 countries around the world.  Hundreds of communities are using and exploring this positive, solutions-focused approach.

The premise is a simple one. We are now moving into an increasingly uncertain future, whether because of the debt mountain we sit on, the impending peak and decline in world production of oil and other basic resources, or the impacts of climate change that we are already seeing around us. These big challenges requires bigger, more creative solutions. The Transition movement argues that our communities have become alarmingly unresilient; that is, they have lost the ability to respond to shocks from the outside at exactly the time when we need them to be more resilient. With change unfolding quickly, local action has become essential.

So, a Transition Initiative is a community working together to address this big question:

“For all those aspects of life that this community needs in order to sustain itself and thrive, how do we significantly increase resilience (to mitigate the effects of peak oil), drastically reduce carbon emissions (to mitigate the effects of climate change), and strengthen the local economy (to mitigate the impacts of economic instability)?” (Ben Brangwyn,

We firmly believe that, with dedication and commitment on the part of our community, its citizens, leaders and businesses, the serious challenges facing our society today can be met and overcome, and that we can build a strong, resilient community that is significantly more connected, more vibrant and more in touch with our environment than the oil-addicted treadmill that we find ourselves on today.

And you can be a part of it! Volunteer, a little or a lot. Come explore the Transition framework, resources, good fun and community-building at the heart of this global movement.  Meet some great people, make a difference in your community, and have fun doing it!