I just wanted to post a quick note to say what a great weekend we had coming together with Tina Clarke! Her care and facilitation were really great to experience. I am also so impressed and touched by the energy of those who came together for our weekend sessions and gave their presence and participation – you all really helped to make the weekend what it was.

On Friday night Tina gave a talk about Transition and community resilience, which really helped to kick things off on an inspiring note. Saturday and Sunday were full of discussion, idea generation, group-forming and path-blazing – what a productive and useful time! Keep your eyes peeled for a more detailed post about the weekend workshops as Kelly and I marinate in, digest and otherwise process all of what happened. What I can say now, however, is that I believe that the work that happened this weekend will go a long way towards strengthening and growing our Transition Initiative here in Guelph.

Thank you Tina! And thank you everyone who came and gave it their all!