Our friends over at Appleseed Collective had a busy two weeks gleaning berries, berries, and more berries! Here’s a quick update from Denise on their success:

Sarah1To date, we have gleaned 314 quarts of strawberries from Marcy’s Berries – thank you so much to the Marcy family, who has donated their share back to the Collective, for distribution.

Other than the volunteers’ shares, these strawberries have been donated to  food access distribution sites in Guelph: Chalmers Community Services Centre,  Royal City Church Life Centre Agape Café, the Julien Project, the Welcome In Drop-In Centre, and Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis.

We have  delivered large quantities to the Flamborough Food Bank -which is local to the berry farm- and the Salvation Army Food Bank in Guelph. We have also frozen several quarts of strawberries, to be used at a later date in a jam-making workshop.

Finally, we have invested several quarts with our friends at Terra et Silva catering and OX, who will make fantastic creations with them, to spread the word about the Appleseed Collective.

[With apologies to “That’s Entertainment” (Weller, 1980)]

Knees red from squishing ripe ones,
Belly sore from too much sampling,
Snails and thistles, i just swallowed ten fruit flies,
But I have to smile, ’cause i’m giving it all away

That’s berry gleaning,
That’s berry gleaning

Waking up at 6 am on a cool morning,
Out in the field and breathing in positude,
The bull is snorting in a nearby yard, but
I’m not missing the tranquility of solitude

That’s berry gleaning,
That’s berry gleaning

You can read more about Appleseed Collective here or follow their journey on their own blog over at http://appleseedcollective.ca/