At the beginning of October, Transition Guelph was proud to co-present a wonderful event with The Guelph Outdoor School that brought Jon Young to Guelph to speak on the topic of forming deeper connections with nature, mentorship, and what we can do as a community to promote these topics. We had a wonderful turn out at Centennial High School that brought together different members of our community not only from Guelph but surrounding areas as well.

Sharing our vision for a more resilience community!

Sharing our vision for a more resilience community!

The event opened with a number of organizations setting up tables and sharing our goals and ideals with like-minded groups and individuals. There was a wide array of groups represented, including Transition Guelph. When I arrived at the event, I was instantly taken by the energy in the room. I had an opportunity to both share information about TG, and meet with other organizations that were there as well. Everyone I spoke with had a positive message to share and left me feeling encouraged and inspired.

When the talk began, we were greeted with a series of opening presentations, welcomes, and songs where everyone was encouraged to participate. From the songs, poems, and presentations, the room again reflected that high energy that I had felt in the gathering when I first arrived. Looking around at the room, everyone was smiling, enjoying participating, and connected with the energy in the room.

Once the songs were done and everyone was buzzing with excitement, Jon Young took the stage to share his story of how he discovered his path to developing the 8 Shields method of mentoring and inspiring others to form a deeper connection with nature. He spoke about his history and journey, and at the same time provided insight into how he views mentorship as tool to educate and inform. He shared different strategies and insights on how to get everyone, young and old, to join in on his approach. Personally, I found his story is both inspiring and encouraging, as I’m sure everyone else in the audience felt as well.

While I had to leave a bit early and missed the end of his talk, Jon Young’s presentation left me feeling positive as I look at my own life as a nature enthusiast and a mother. I felt inspired to use his approach in my own development as well as the development of my young son. I also felt inspired by the strong sense of community and positive energy that was present throughout this event. It is always wonderful to see such a strong, committed group of people come together to share their perspectives and ideals on how we can create a stronger community with engaged members.