elevatorprojectOver the weekend, the first round of public voting took place for Guelph’s Elevator Project – a new initiative to help match great ideas with the resources need to get off the ground. The project officially launched late last year with the announcement of a Trillium Fund Grant to help to project get up and running. Since then, 52 ideas have been submitted, many by TG members and supporters, that were voted on over the weekend.

You can take a peak at the project list over on the Elevator Project’s website at http://theelevatorproject.ca/shop/ and stay tuned for the next round where 15 projects will be selected to have their full information forwarded to cash investors in advance of the “Big Show” – a final presentation where investors will choose ideas they think have merit. While all ideas are going to presented, the 15 top finalists will have extra attention. Aside from financial support, projects and ideas can benefit from in-kind resource donations, volunteer support, and more publicity.

If you’d like to learn more about The Elevator Project, or learn about how you can get involved, check out their website at http://theelevatorproject.ca/