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Come As You Are Clothing Swap

October 6, 2013 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Do you wake up in the morning with a sense of dread and hate your clothes?
Does shopping always seem like a chore for you?
Do you find that the clothes you do buy stay in your closet and never seem to “fit” after you have left the store?
Do you feel uncomfortable in your clothes?
Do you always look at everyone else’s clothes and think why can’t I look like that?


Devon Stanbury, of Suit Your Self, in part with Minga, will be hosting a Come as you are Clothing Swap where we will be bringing together women from the community to help them find clothes that make them look good but more importantly feel good.

We feel that clothing can be a form of costume that, when chosen correctly, gives the wearer power and helps them harness the characters they want to express. Throughout history, women especially, have been taught that our bodies need to be hidden and to show shape or skin we are being inappropriate or god forbid – slutty.  We believe that the act of adorning clothes is a form of expression, and should not be limited to what is currently in style but has more to do with what works with your body and sense of self.

Throughout the clothing swap individuals will get a chance to work with Devon to help discover/uncover their true style by identifying what works and doesn’t on you. Although it is not always the most comfortable experience – if you come with an open mind – we promise that you will leave with a better understanding of your style and an awakening of your inner goddess.

What’s a Clothing Swap Anyway?

Its a way to declutter your closet with clothes that you no longer want. Its a way to gather with other folk (in this case, its women only) to chat, connect, eat food and swap your clothes out.  Its not a ‘one-for-one’ type of thing. Typically you will bring your clothes, sort them into the appropriate piles and then Devon will lead the swap from there.

How Will This Work?

If you’ve been to a swap before, this may be a bit different from your regular swap, where we are not necessarily only looking at the stuff you don’t like anymore, but also at some of the stuff you do. Although this is not necessarily a makeover, we are definitely going to look at what looks best on you, and give tips for further shopping etc. So we would love you to bring a variety of things – not necessarily to swap, but to give a better understanding of your persona and clothing choices.


We will be swapping clothing and stories, so bring clothes, snacks and beverages.

Please bring clothes that you no longer want in your closet. Remember to bring clothes that you love too (don’t worry, we won’t make you give these away).

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October 6, 2013
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Tranquil Yoga Studio


City of Guelph shows support for Fair Trade!
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