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Homebrewing: Crafting Your Own Beer and Developing Your Own Recipes

June 15, 2014 @ 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Join us for a steamy, fragrant morning of steeping grains, boiling worts, bubbling hops, and delightful aromas—all in the 3536488_sname of making many people’s favourite beverage, beer!  This two-part workshop will explore the process of brewing beer, while the second session will be about sanitation and bottling.  You’ll learn about using specialty malted grains, malt extract and hops, and leave with bottles of two styles of ales.

Why make your own beer? For some, it’s simply a desire to make yet another food at home (after all, beer is known as liquid bread!).  For others, the motivation is cost-related, as good home-brewed beer can be as cheap as $0.50 a bottle.  Or maybe it’s the desire to understand and better appreciate all that goes into a wonderful glass of craft beer.  For many people in the past, the only way to enjoy beer was to make it themselves.  Whatever the reason, this workshop will focus on giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to start brewing right away.

If you have been curious about making your own beer but haven’t taken the plunge, this workshop is for you.  Participants will brew two different ales, going through the process of steeping specialty grains for flavour and colour, adding malt extracts, a 1-hour boil, multiple additions of hops, chilling the wort (the unfermented beer), and pitching the yeast.  Throughout the process, participants will have time to ask questions and learn about how they can create their own recipes from scratch to recreate some of their favourite styles at home.

You will learn:10298997_s

  • The process of making 5 gallon batches of beer at home
  • How to craft your own recipes
  • The importance of yeast strain on determining the style of beer
  • Sanitation and bottling
  • Insight into making other fermented beverages—wine, Kombucha, ginger bug, old fashioned sodas, etc.
  • How to make home brew taste good

You should attend this workshop if you:

  • Enjoy beer and want to learn more about how it’s made
  • Have wanted to make your own beer but aren’t sure how to start, or have attempted it and weren’t satisfied with the results
  • Are tired of paying high prices for craft beer
  • Want to be able to create quality beer at home

You will get:

  • Guidance from an experienced home brewer and teacher who has worked with friends and family to develop a community supported home brewery in Kitchener-Waterloo
  • 6 bottles of beer to take home
  • The opportunity to create your own recipe and put together the necessary ingredients

A Note on Partial Mash Brewing

What we will be doing in this class is a bit of a hybridized version of brewing that takes the convenience of malt extract and combines it with the true flavours and colours of all-grain brewing with specialty roasted malts and grains.

By working with malt extract we are able to brew the beer faster than if we worked with all whole grains, but by adding the steeping grains we can fine tune the recipe to match our target style, while also imparting better flavours, colour, and body to the beer.  By using un-hopped malt extract we are able to choose our own hops and customize the recipe to make the beer just how we want it.

If you’ve ever had “wort in a can” that is NOT what this is.  We are truly making beer here, with complete control over the recipe and choice of ingredients used. We will not simply be adding yeast to a bucket and waiting a week.  We’ll actually be making beer.


Jon Spee

profile1I have loved beer for a long time and have been brewing my own for a little over a year.  I started with one recipe kit and from that point on have been creating my own recipes.  After about 5 batches of beer I decided I was having so much fun that I wanted to expand my abilities.  After a good amount of reading I got together a group of friends and family members and put together a brewing cooperative in which we all share the cost of ingredients and equipment and I brew the beer.  This has worked out great!  Everyone helps with the brewing when they can but as the head brewer I get to choose the recipes and lead the brewing.  Like most homebrewers, I sometimes dream about what it would be like to have my own brewery, but for now the joy of homebrewing and satisfaction of being able to make my own beer is enough for me.




When: Sunday, June 15th from 1:00pm – 4:30pm  &  Monday, July 7th from 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Where: Artisanale French Country Cooking, 214 Woolwich St, Guelph, ON

Cost: $120 including brews to take home and recipes

Homebrewing Kits For Purchase: We will be selling homebrewing kits that includes all the ingridents you’ll require to make delious beer at home after the workshop.  Its cheaper for you to pre-order your kit a head of time. Here is more informatoin about the kits.  You can purchase the kits below.


Cancellation Guidelines

  • Minga will provide a 100% refund for workshops cancelled by Minga.
  • If a registrant cancels a workshop with more than 48 hours notice, a 100% refund will be issued.
  • If a registrant cancels with less than 48 hours notice or does not show up, no refund will be issued.
  • The above policies apply for pre-registered workshops. Refunds or credits will not be issued for a missed class.

* Please note that we’ll be sending out information about the specifics of the workshop a few days before, including a reminder of what to bring.

** Please also note that you don’t need to register through Eventbrite. If you would rather pay by cash or cheque, contact


June 15, 2014
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
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