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Minga Talks Resilience

March 23, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Minga Talks Resilience: 3 takes on shifting social, economic, and personal paradigms to increase resilience

Minga is pleased to be partnering with Transition Guelph and Royal City Brewing Co. to present the keynote event of inspirational presentations and conversation to launch the 2018 Resilience Festival.

Join us to connect and hear three takes on shifting paradigms related to how we get around, how we design our stuff, and how we build our lives. Thought leaders and practitioners from the fields of design, energy, and community re-skilling will share their passion for their craft, offering you a new lens through which to see your world.

Three presentations. One panel Q&A. Beer. Inspiration


Jamie Miller: Biomimicry; nature as a model for transformation

Biomimicry is an emerging philosophy that invites us to learn from the forms, processes and systems in nature to solve current complex challenges. It’s an idea that has led to innovations like Velcro, modular 3D and 4D printing, breathing walls, buildings that self-heal, structural colour or even circular economies. In this talk, Jamie uses biomimicry to unpack the glaring contrast between natural and engineered designs and the way that our thoughts, or our paradigms, are at the root of this contrast. Looking at the challenges of how to transform a rooted, built environment, the talk explores the ways that nature could teach us about safely transforming a complex system without collapse. Through biomimicry, we may uncover the keys to sustainability, finding clever ways to transform the way we think, behave, and therefore, create our own habitats.

Jamie is the founder of Biomimicry Frontiers, and the Biomimicry Commons, through which he offers consulting services, an innovation incubator for entrepreneurs, and a disruptor studio for businesses. He is an engineer, an innovator, and a trained biomimicry speaker and educator. Jamie’s research has focused on systems-level biomimicry in urban development. In all that he does, Jamie’s mission is to apply biomimicry and to facilitate the next generation of sustainable design leaders who will transform our designs towards greater harmony with nature.

Alex Chapman: The ROBOCARS are coming! How self-driving cars are going to change life as we know it

Within the next 10 years, electric self-driving car technology will be at a place to be able to completely revolutionize the way we think about transportation, city design, and even how, when, and where we eat, sleep, and do our jobs. This change will free up cash, time, and space for some of us, and will mean a complete shift in many sectors of national and international economies. This talk will paint a picture of what this massive paradigm shift could look like and its potential implications individual and community resilience.

Alex is Manager of the Climate Change Office for the City of Guelph. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto, a Master of Business Administration from McGill University, and is a Certified Energy Manager, a Certified Energy Auditor, and a certified Renewable Energy Professional. His career to date has spanned the pulp and paper industry, oil and gas, solar energy, academic research, business analysis, and IT project management. He serves on the Energy Task Force of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the IESO Data Strategy Advisory Council, and is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers. He lives with his family in Guelph, Ontario.

Ami Dehne and Ella Henderson: Minga Talks Resilience; how a Guelph-based business is reskilling our community, building self-reliance, creating a life-sustaining economy, and fostering intentional living one workshop at a time.

Minga creates opportunities for transformational experiences that open up space for people to make choices about how they live. We do this by finding people who have traditional skills related to homesteading, wellness, and food production, preparation, and preservation, and building a network that brings them together with learners in hands-on workshops. By doing this we are building community and reinvigorating those skills and practices that are bleeding out of collective memory. We believe that this practice is also shifting the paradoxically hyper-connected and hyper-isolated realities of modern life and fostering a life-sustaining economy and building community resilience.

Ami and Ella are the leading ladies of Minga Skill Building Hub. Ami and Ella come from extremely different backgrounds: Ami is a trained Forester and Ella is learned to be a Social Anthropologist. Both have extensive experience working in the not-for-profit sector, but in very different worlds; Ami in environmental issues, and Ella in immigration and settlement. They share a passion for creating community and intentional living. Together they run Minga Skill Building Hub, through which they work to transform our communities in the ways that we connect to each other, to our food, and to the planet.

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March 23, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Royal City Brewery
199 Victoria Rd S
Guelph, Ontario N1E 3J3 Canada
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