Transition Guelph

volunteer_38_3602204068Transition Guelph is a volunteer run organization, which means that if you’d like to get involved, all you need to do is reach out to us at and tell us what interests you! We can connect you with an appropriate working group or project where you can have a real, tangible, and positive impact on your community!

We also have a number of administrative, communications, and event planning related positions that are available at this time. Please take a look below to see if there is something that interest you in working with Transition Guelph. In-depth training will be provided for each position, along with other volunteer and staff support. As always, questions, concerns, and ideas can be sent to

The following positions are currently available:

We are also looking for the following positions for the 2015 Resilience Festival:

Website Blogger

Number of Opportunities: 5
Purpose: To update the blog on the Transition Guelph website
– write one to two blog posts per month on the topics outlined by the website manager
– ensure that content accurately reflects the Transition principles and values
– update social media manager as soon as any new blog content is published

Social Media Manager

Number of Opportunities: 1
Purpose: To keep Transition Guelph’s social media presence active and up to date
– Moderate TG’s Facebook Group and add new users as needed
– Post new content to TG’s Facebook page twice per week or as needed
– Moderate TG’s twitter account, responding to posts as necessary
– Post new content to TG’s Twitter account twice per week or as needed
– Ensure that all new blog posts on the TG blog are properly promoted through TG’s social media networks

Administrative Assistant

Number of Opportunities: 3
Purpose: To assist staff members in day to day administrative activities
– Be available to take minutes at meetings as requested
– Answer any emails that require immediate attention
– Draft or review documents such as press releases, grant applications, or partnership agreements
– Help with additional tasks such as event space booking, meeting schedules, or community networking as requested

TG Tabler/Presenter

Number of Opportunities: 6
Purpose: To promote Transition Guelph at community events or in community spaces
– attend events or meetings that we have been invited to participate in
– present Transition Guelph and it’s goals in a clear and concise manner to interested parties
– ensure that all required materials are available for tabling events
– stay up to date with working group and project activities

Community Connector

Number of Opportunities: 2
Purpose: To create and maintain relationships between Transition Guelph and other community organizations and businesses
– organize and participate in coffee dates/meetings as requested
– respond to new partnership opportunities
– stay up to date with working group and project activities
– communicate with Board/Council to formalize partnership agreements
– communication to website manager any new update regarding partners or community members to post on website

Graphic Designer

Number of Opportunities: 1
Purpose: To design promotional material or supporting documents for Transition Guelph
– work with Working Group and Project leaders to determine needs
– design and develop required material
– be available to respond to requests at least once per week
– maintain look and feel of TG’s current branding material

Resilience Festival Promotions Co-ordinator

Number of Opportunities: 1 (or small group)
Purpose: To promote the Resilience Festival
– communicate with planning team about festival events to stay up to date
– establish budget for any promotional material
– connect and liaise with media, schools, community organizations, and other interested parties to promote the festival
– confirm all promotional material with event co-ordinator prior to release (eg. press release, posters, etc.)

Resilience Festival Volunteer Co-ordinator

Number of Opportunities: 1 (or small group)
Purpose: To ensure that the Resilience Festival is adequately staffed by volunteers and that volunteers are feeling happy 🙂
– communicate with other co-ordinators to establish volunteer needs
– recruit volunteers based on needs
– provide orientation for volunteers as needed
– organize volunteers into specific roles
– be available during the festival to provide support and management of volunteers
– lead organization of volunteer appreciation event after the festival
– work with event co-ordinators to ensure food and drink is available for volunteers
– establish budget for any volunteer needs including food and drink

Resilience Festival Main Day Entertainment Co-ordinator

Number of Opportunities: 1 (or small group)
Purpose: To organize entertainment for the main day of the Resilience Festival
– work with planning team to decide on entertainment possibilities for the main day of the Festival
– connect with possible entertainers
– establish budget for entertainment
– finalize entertainment decision with event co-ordinator
– plan and execute on all entertainment related activities on the main day of the Festival