EssentialOilsMinga Skillbuilding Hub, a Transition Guelph partner with the reskilling working group is hosting an exciting workshop for DIY fans: Body Care Products!

Body care products are chock-full of ingredients that have harmful effects on you and your family: Tricolsan, Sodium-Laurel Sulfates and synthetic fragrance are just a few. Healthy alternatives can be expensive. You can learn to make your own healthy and inexpensive body care products that are perfect for yourself, your family and make a wonderful gift. In the class, Minga instructors will show how to make five products: lotion, deodorant (that actually works), lip balm, tooth paste and body spray/perfume.

You will learn about:

  • why its important to sway away from conventional personal care products
  • how simple it is to make these products in a hands on teaching style
  • where to purchase the ingredients (you probably already have many of them)

To learn more about this workshop as well as other workshops that Minga is offering, check out their website at You can register for the Body Care Workshop online at