Transition Guelph

Become a Member of Transition Guelph!

Are you interested in becoming a TG member? Being a member is easy and provides a great way to get connected to your community. Whether you’re interested in building stronger ties with your neighbours, lowering your carbon footprint, helping to build a stronger local economy, or need some help with your backyard garden becoming a member of Transition Guelph will connect you to like-minded members of the Guelph community. Contact us to learn more about membership discounts with our partners!

One year membership fee is (sliding scale): $10 ~ $20, or 2 Time Bank hours. Your membership fee helps cover the operating costs of Transition Guelph, including insurance, website maintenance and event venue rental.

As members of Transition Guelph we are guided by the 8 Principles of Transition:

  • Positive Visioning
  • Trusting People to Make Good Decisions based on Good Information
  • Inclusion and Openness
  • Enabling Sharing and Networking
  • Building Resilience
  • Inner and Outer Transition
  • Holistic Systems Thinking
  • Localized Decision Making

As members of Transition Guelph we abide by the following Equality Statement:

  1. Everyone deserves respect in all areas,
  2. We neither condone nor tolerate behaviour that undermines the dignity or self-esteem of any individual.
  3. Discriminatory speech or conduct which is racist, sexist, transphobic or homophobic hurts and thereby divides us. So too, does discrimination on the basis of ability, age, class and ethnic origin.

If you, too, agree to abide by these values, and wish to become a member of Transition Guelph, click on the link below to subscribe to our member list. If you would like to pay by Timebank hours, please get in touch with us directly at

Sliding Scale:

By becoming a TG member, you agree to the guidelines in the Membership Agreement and agree to have Transition Guelph send you information via email about upcoming events or other products and services offered through Transition Guelph.