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Totnes, Devon, Britain’s first “transition” town
The Guardian (31 Jan, 2007),,2001982,00.html

Climate Radio programme ‘The Two Degrees Show’ goes to Totnes to interview Rob Hopkins, permaculture teacher and founder of Transition Towns. The interviewer says, “The single most inspirational project I’ve come across recently is the Transition Town concept. Towns, villages and even cities are engaging in the process of envisioning a future without oil and setting out a plan for how to get there.”
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April 2007

Soil Association press release ‘Igniting ‘a revolution for change’ – grassroots action to tackle challenges of climate change and end of cheap oil’ (7 March, 2007)!OpenDocument

Coverage in The Guardian from the Lampeter event!!
Transition Town Lampeter: Pioneering Welsh town begins the transition to a life without oil.
Saturday Guardian (7 April 2007, p.11),,2051912,00.html

How green can your money be?
Why pay with cold hard cash when you could settle up with a bag of acorns? Lucy Siegle considers Totnesian pounds developed in Devon by the transition town Totnes (
The Observer Magazine (15 April, 2007),,2055301,00.html

“Through the prism of transition thinking, everyone is invited to take a fresh look at modern life in the light of peak oil. And it’s refreshing. Therelocalisation of energy, food supplies, building materials and even clothing is central.”
Lucy Siegle commenting on the Transition Town movement in her Observer Magazine column, 18 November 2007.

‘You are now entering an oil free zone’
The Guardian G2 (19 April 2007),,2060668,00.html

Transition Towns coverage in the Sunday Times
An article in the Sunday Times on the Transition Towns movement says that, in the year since its launch, ‘individuals and groups from 176 places have registered to become Transition Towns.’
Sunday Times (2 Sept)
The Transition Towns movement exemplifies that ‘community spirit is back in fashion’, according to an article in the Sunday Times ‘Style’ magazine. Environmental concerns are bringing communities together and resident are organising meetings to discuss how to ‘relocalise’ food, energy, transport and local economies.
Sunday Times ‘Style’ magazine (2 Sept 2007, p.22)

“They don’t just shop local in Totnes – they have their very own currency”
A feature in The Independent Extra looks at both the Totnes pound project which is administrated through Transition Towns Totnes. Such “transition” areas aim to stave off the twin threats of climate change and “peak oil”.
Rob Hopkins who leads the projects said, “The viral nature of the growth of the transition movement has taken us all by surprise. We have gone from one transition project to there being 50 formal ones and more than 700 at the earlier stages just by word of mouth and the internet. We still have no film, nor, until very recently, did we have a book. I think it shows that people are hungry for positive solutions which engage their creativity… The transition movement has been described as being ‘more like a party than a protest march’, and that feeling of being part of something playful and solutions-focused has undoubtedly been a part of its success.”
The Independent Extra (1 May 2008, p.8)–they-have-their-very-own-currency-818586.html

‘Natural born survivors’
Rising oil prices, global food shortages and the economic crisis are proof for many survivalists that society is on the brink of meltdown. But are their predictions all gloom and doom – or a chance to create new communities? Harriet Green reports. The feature includes a look at the TransitionTown movement.
The Guardian G2 (2 May 2008, pp.12-15)

“Climate change? You’re having a laugh”
A growing number of comedians are trying to find some humour in global warming. James Russell talks to comedians Rob Newman and MarcusBrigstoke and Rob Hopkins from the Transition Towns movement.
The Guardian G2 (8 May 2008, p.18)