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GROW Communal GardensGROW Communal Gardens

We have been given a parcel of land to use at Grace Community Church just on the outskirts of Guelph. Our plan for this space is to create a volunteer run garden that will produce enough food for the volunteers and their families with the excess going to local food shelves and other people in the community in need! Help us get started this year!

What We Need & What You Get

What we need help with right now is raising money to buy soil and trees. We tried to dig only to find out the soil is actually gravel. The space given to us use to be a baseball diamond so our plan has changed. We need to build raised beds and that costs money! If you are interested in donating funds to the project, please contact us at We would love for you to garden with us and to support your community by funding us if you cant offer your time! There is a good parcel of this land that has decent soil where we plan to plant an orchard and would love your help with that as well!

The Impact

The aim of the garden will be to help folks learn to garden and grow food for themselves. We would like to give people a chance to understand the importance of a a fresh food diet, while also helping relieve some of the strain on their monthly food budget. The excess food will be donated to a few emergency food shelves in Guelph which also feed those in need during times of need.

The GROW garden is a stepping stone for learning and self sustainability with an emphasis on community building. Our hope is to bring people together through gardening and to better our community through sharing and positive experience.

If you can’t support us financially please volunteer or come and garden with us! We all want to make our city the best possible place to live and raise a family. Bring your kids, your grandparents, your life partners or your friends and help build a better Guelph!