garden produceThe Urban Food Working Group is one of the most active groups in our Transition Initiative. I wanted to take a minute to share some of the programs that are going on around Guelph that we help manage.


Transition Treemobile

Last month, the Transition Treemobile visited town! The treemobile is a wonderful program that encourages home owners to plant fruit and nut trees on their property. All too often, we find that we are too busy to research, purchase, plant, and maintain fruit trees, but the benefits are amazing! The Treemobile takes some of the pain points away by allowing online ordering, home delivery, and even planting if you need assistance! This year we also distributed information about how to manage and care for your trees, giving out postcards courtesy of Susan Poizner from the Orchard People. Susan has written a wonderful book, sharing her insight and expertise on how to care for fruit trees. You can learn more at or purchase Susan’s book on Urban Orchards at


Appleseed Collective Revival

A number of years ago, a group of friends got together to form the Appleseed Collective. The goal was collect as much food as possible from privately owned fruit trees and bushes. After the project lost some speed, the Appleseed Collective Revival was born! This project has grown into a social enterprise: that means, along with the community values, and prioritizing the collection of organically-produced fruit and vegetables, the Appleseed Collective Revival are attempting to generate revenue that will support and sustain their activities!

If you are interested in getting involved, or if you have fruit trees that you don’t harvest, please get in touch with Denise Bonin-Mount at


Backyard Sharing

Guelph’s newest project in the Urban Food Working Group is actually an old project revisited. Sharing Backyards is an international program that connects people that want to grow food with people who have the space to grow food. The Backyard Sharing project has customized that format to suit Guelph’s needs and has already launched it’s first garden in town! If you are interested in participating, you can in touch with Mike Barber at to learn how you can help. The project is looking for:

  • People who love to garden
  • People who have some extra space in their yard (even a small amount of space will do!)
  • Tools, resources, or funds to help the project grow


Guelph Community Orchard Project

The Guelph Community Orchard began with edible tree plantings on two urban sites in 2012  –  Harcourt Memorial United Church, and the Guelph Community Christian School (GCCS). The GCOP is a volunteer run organization with a host of amazing professionals that has partnered with Transition Guelph. The project is really the collaborative effort of a number of community members from varying backgrounds: landscape architects, teachers, farmers, garden enthusiasts, and more!  If you would like to be a part of the core planning team, the team meets once a month and is looking for help with grant writing, event planning, blog writing, orchard designing, orchard dreaming, and more! You can get in touch with the GCOP by emailing or learning more on their website at


Interested in learning more? Email to learn about how you can get involved with one of these amazing projects, or bring something new to the table! We are always looking for projects to partner on or start up in our community.