Transition Guelph

Transition Healthcare Resilience

There are problems with healthcare that are impacting the environment today, needing attention today:

  1. Our foods are full of toxic chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer residues. Genetically Modified Organisms are being included in our foods, with no precautions being taken about long term effects on people who eat them.
  2. Medication, hormone and other biologically and ecologically harmful chemicals are polluting the environment.
  3. Newborn infants have hundreds of drugs in their blood.

Solutions to these problems are a long way from being developed.

  1. Legislative remedies are unlikely because of the power of the pharmaceutical companies to influence governmental bodies.
  2. Individual healthcare resilience can contribute to reductions in medication wastes, promoted within Transition Town initiatives.
    • Promote and teach self-healing approaches for problems that are highly treatable through these methods.
    • Programs for alternatives to conventional medical care that relies heavily on medications:
      • Identify drug-free healthcare alternatives, such as local herbal, homeopathic and other complementary/alternative healthcare options and plans.
      • Develop preventive programs for healthcare, addressing healthy nutrition, fitness and prevention of obesity.
      • Promote awareness among complementary/ alternative healthcare providers of healthcare resilience as a contribution to healing the environment as we help people to heal

Practical steps:

Your further suggestions are welcomed! See more about Transition Healthcare Resilience at or get in touch with Daniel Benor, MD, ABIHM (Project Chairperson) at