volunteer_38_3602204068Over the last few months, we’ve been collecting feedback from folks who are interested in volunteering with Transition Guelph. For those of you who have filled out our online survey, thanks for sharing your thoughts! If you haven’t filled the survey out yet, it only takes a minute of your time 🙂

One of the pieces of feedback that we’ve heard the most is that people don’t know how to get involved with TG. They ask “what are the volunteer opportunities that you currently have?“. Up until recently, I was reluctant to answer that question because our volunteers are our members, board, founders, program coordinators – you name it. Transition Guelph is a completely volunteer run organization, which means that you come to us and tell us what you want to do – not the other way around!

That all being said – we recognize that getting involved with a new organization can be overwhelming, and having a few tasks or to do items rather than diving in head first can be a less daunting task! With that in mind, Jess and I have been working on creating a few volunteer roles within Transition Guelph to help with administrative tasks, communications, and event planning. If you’ve been looking for a way to get involved directly with Transition Guelph, but didn’t know what you wanted to do, now is the time!

Check out our volunteer opportunities here, and share with friends! If you have any questions about the roles and responsibilities, you can always reach out to us at info@transitionguelph.org. And as always, if you feel you have another gift to give to Transition Guelph, we’d love to hear from you!