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Sustainable Vision for Guelph.

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Who we are

TG is a non-profit, powered by volunteers dedicated to strengthening local resilience through projects and events. 

The world is changing, fast.  TG is here to help our community create a positive vision for the future and facilitate a transition to a “new normal”. We are the 2nd transition city in Canada, created in 2008, and part of a global Transition Movement

TG leaders and founders share the essence

and energy of our organization (2014).


What we do

TG creates resilience through hosting workshops, larger events like the Resilience Festival, and other gatherings. 


We have working groups that focus on topics of interest and often create projects that carry out on-the-ground work. 

We are run by volunteers and always welcome new people to join!



With great excitement and appreciation, Transition Guelph announced two Resilience Awards, both related to local regenerative food production: one to

Ignatius Farm, EFAO2 and Everdale Farm, and one to Lisa Conroy.


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Complete the Transition Guelph Visioning Survey here for a chance to win a copy of the new Rob Hopkins book, From What Is To What If!



Have a transition idea, a question or a way you would like to be involved? We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for contacting TG!

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