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This working group is where the magic happens in order to expand our reach and engage the community in the efforts of the working groups and projects, in order to build a strong network of organizations, people and businesses working towards a resilient community!

The mission of the community engagement working group is to engage the diverse communities of Guelph-Wellington in the Transition Guelph movement.


We work towards:
  • Forming collaborations and partnerships with individuals, communities and organizations that aim to build a resilient community.

  • Expanding our community connections to the diverse geographical regions of Guelph.

  • Connecting with the diverse communities in Guelph to ensure that being a part of the transition towards a resilient community is accessible to everyone.

Community Garden

We are working towards our goals through many exciting activities and events including potlucks, community movie night, the Resilience Festival, attending events provided by other organizations and much more! Our goal is to connect with you, so wherever you are, we hope to be! We are always interested in opportunities to speak at events, and in attending to see what you and your community are doing. We want to know how we can support you and your organization in your efforts towards a resilient community!

How do I get involved?

If you love spreading the word in the community and engaging with many diverse people, then this working group is for you! If you have a skill or network that you think you can contribute, please contact us as we are always looking for new ways to connect with the community!

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