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Healthy ecology, culture and relationships are at the centre of Transition work. The transformation to a regenerative, life-enhancing, and better world involves a big shift in human consciousness and a great ‘change of heart’.

The Inner Transition working group supports the well-being of grassroots leaders and community members in the collective journey. We know that individuals and groups risk burn-out or collapse if they don’t balance action, decision-making and activity with rest, reflection, connection and celebration.  We aim to do this through workshops, discussions, guest speakers, and other activities held in healthy and natural settings.

Some Questions that Inner Transition Discusses:

  • What is it truly like to be human, alive and awake at this time in the history of the planet and of humanity?

  • How are we each experiencing the fears, frustrations and grief surrounding the suffering in our world?

  • What is our vision for a society that is just and sustainable in the long-term? How can we use our passions and inspirations to make our dreams and visions real?

Inner Transition is about:

  • Supporting each other in facing uncertain and difficult times

  • ‘Doing active hope’ – transforming grief into action for the wellbeing of our world

  • Grounding actions in reflection, connection and celebration

  • Preventing burnout, and staying energized and engaged

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.

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