harcourt-prep-day-01Planting season is upon us and there is so much going on with TG right now. May is looking jam packed right now! I’m sitting at almost 7 months pregnant right now and I can honestly say that I plan on spending every spare moment gardening – and there’s no shortage of opportunity. I’ve got some raised beds in my backyard that are ready to go, a plot at my local community garden that I’m excited to start this year, and a number of other projects that I can get involved with on weekends to lend a hand. It’s an awesome opportunity to get outside, meet friends, work communally, and also expose my son to a lifestyle that I truly believe in!
If you’ve been interested in getting involved with Transition Guelph, this is a great time of year to jump in. All events are open to the public with no experience required. TGers are friendly, open, and come from all walks of life. I can honestly say that this is the warmest group of people I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. So no excuses! Come hang out!
This Saturday April 30th: Join us at the GROW Communal Gardens to learn and share skills with experienced gardeners! 9am – 12pm
Tuesday May 2nd: Come hang out at 10 Carden from 7pm-9pm as we try to (successfully) watch Revolution and eat yummy snacks
Saturday May 7th: The Guelph Community Orchard is going to be hanging out at Harcourt United Church from 9am – 12pm. Stop by and lend a hand!
Saturday May 14th: Treemobile sorting day! We are still looking for volunteers as we DOUBLED orders from last year (yay Guelph!).
Sunday May 15th: Treemobile planting/delivery day! If you’ve got a vehicle or a shovel to share, come plant!
PLUS: check out all the amazing reskilling workshops hosted by Minga Skill Building Hub
Details for all the events are online here: http://www.transitionguelph.org/events/ Please share this post.
It would make me beyond happy to meet some of you in person and make new friends 🙂 <3