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The global pandemic of 2020 has exposed the fragile state of the global economy, accelerating the instability, disruptions and lack of growth already evident before the pandemic struck. At TG we believe there is renewed urgency to examine ways to strengthen our local economy and insulate ourselves from increased currency and market volatility.

At one time, ideas and concepts around alternative currencies like time-banking were examined and a local Time Bank was established. 


After two concerted efforts to promote and actively manage the Time Bank, it was discontinued for lack of use.  The appearance of bartering sites, such as Bunz, were seen as more robust because goods, services, time and currency were all available for trade.  


There is ample opportunity to also promote local spending to support a more resilience community. If you’re interested in learning more about this working group, or have ideas that you would like to share, please reach out.

We are currently looking for individual(s) interested in taking the lead on this working group and examining our current economic state on a local and global level, and looking for solutions that can be implemented locally. 

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