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A Message From Our Board

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Disruption is the word that has described 2020 so far. School, jobs, home life, shopping queues and food supply are just a few examples of the shocking changes we’ve experienced in the first half of the year.  Who knows what lies ahead? Resilience has never been more important and more challenging. ⠀

We are pleased to say that Transition Guelph has been adapting to the ‘new normal’ and finding ways to fulfill our mandate without our traditional face to face events and projects.

But, we have more to do to figure out how to support you and our community going forward. We are very encouraged by how many people have reached out to offer their support or to offer ideas. We’d love to hear from you at! ⠀

We are also very grateful to our volunteers and sponsors that enable us to make a difference. In particular, thank you to The City of Guelph for the Community Grant and to Seeding our Food Future for the grant to create a project to incubate a cold-room building business. ⠀

Finally, we’re encouraged by the number of people in our community who started their own gardens this year!  This is exactly what Transition Guelph has been advocating for! We have heard stories from first time gardeners about their veggies growing, and getting their first harvests!  Keep it up – it will pay off in so many ways.⠀

This message is condensed from the original letter in our August newsletter. To receive future newsletters, please subscribe here.

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