Transition Guelph

Guelph Community Orchard Project

GCOLogoThe Guelph Community Orchard began with edible tree plantings on two urban sites in 2012  –  Harcourt  Memorial  United  Church,  and  the  Guelph  Community Christian School  (GCCS).   For 2013 we are gearing up to plant trees at one or two new locations, and complete the orchard plantings at Guelph Community Christian School and Harcourt Memorial United Church.

As part of Transition Guelph, The Guelph Community Orchard aims to:

1. Nurture  relationships  between  residents,  school  and  church  groups,  urban  farmers,  and environmental  organizations;
2. Foster  fruit  and  nut  tree  awareness  through  demonstration  and  the  delivery  of  education programs;
3. Increase  food  security  through  providing  fruit  and  nut  donations  to local community members, and food  shelfs/food banks;  and
4. Make  a  positive  difference  to  the  local  environment  by  planting edible trees, conserving  urban  greenspace,  creating habitat  for  wildlife,  improving  air  quality , and  reducing  the  community’s  carbon  footprint.

GCOP1[1]We strive to create and empower the plantings of Community Orchards and Edible Food Forests in the Guelph community.   We are committed to growing orchards that look  great,  provide delicious food for visitors, and reflect  values  of  community and environmental stewardship.

And we want to share: Our seeds and plant stock from the trees grown will be available for other interested community gardens and public organizations.

Who’s in charge:  The Guelph Community Orchard is the collaborative effort of a number of community members from varying backgrounds: landscape architects, teachers, farmers, garden enthusiasts, and more!  If you would like to be a part of our core planning team, your commitment would be attending about one monthly meeting, and taking on varying planning tasks including (but not limited to) grant writing, event planning, blog writing, Orchard Designing, Orchard dreaming, and more!

If you care to volunteer for the orchards we will add you to our mailing list- please email