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Guelph CSA Directory

What Does CSA Mean?

CSA is an acronym for “Community Supported Agriculture”, or alternatively, “Community Shared Agriculture”.

CSA is a model of production that supports local farmers and benefits local consumers on many levels. CSA members purchase their farm memberships in advance of the season, providing financial stability and the assurance of a ready market to the farmer. The farmer and the consumers enter in to a shared risk arrangement, which means a bumper crop or a poor crop is shared equally. In return the farmer provides a weekly share of fresh, in season, local produce to their group of members. It’s rather like having your own farmer, and the potential for a long-term relationship between your farmer and you is one of the nice benefits.

Weekly CSA baskets encompass a wide array of possibilities, depending on the farm you choose. Options may include vegetables, fruit, meats, eggs, baked goods, honey, maple syrup, flowers, etc. No two farms are the same, so check out the offerings to see what works best for you.

Some farms offer farm tours and work opportunities as well as classes to give you the skills to handle the bounty that comes your way as the season progresses. Most CSA’s grow their food using ecologically friendly practices, including some Certified Organic or Certified Biodynamic farms. The overall benefit is a closer relationship to your farm community, resulting in a more ecologically sustainable and equitable food system. The only thing better is growing it yourself!!


Ignatius Farm CSA

Description: Ignatius Farm is an integral part of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph Ontario,whose key mission for more than four decades has been to foster an ecological way of life through agriculture,spirituality, and eco-restoration.

Your farmers love growing food, working in synergy with the soil ecosystem, and getting to know you! Farm Manager Heather Lekx, and Farmers Donald Bowyer and Mike Smith work with seasonal staff, interns, Working Shares and volunteers to grow your food and take care of the farm.

We all care about our health, and want to do what is best for our family. Eating produce fresh right from the farm means nutrition and flavour! Ignatius Farm produce is certified organic by an
independent auditor, ECOCERT, who verifies that no harmful synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, or genetic engineering are used.

Feel good about the food you give your kids, and know you’re supporting a farm that works with nature. Every acre cropped in produce is matched with at least one acre of soil-building, carbon sequestering cover crop! We work hard to protect our land, water, and air,and invite you to come see how we do things for yourself.

Each year, the Ignatius Farm team trains individuals in the Practices & Principles of Organic Agriculture. The program consists of weekly workshops and field trips, alongside practical experience growing and distributing quality produce for our community. Our 3 acres of community gardens and our active volunteers program are very popular with those who appreciate working with healthy soil and in our beautiful surroundings. Over 500 individuals participate in these activities annually. Ignatius Farm additionally rents farmland to various small farm businesses, which grow field crops, fruit, nursery, hops, herbs, willows, hay & pasture. The farm can direct donations to sponsor CSA Shares, Intern training, and Community Garden plots, as well as receive contributions for the Farm Resilience Fund.

Produce: Organically grown CSA vegetables. Honey and other seasonal products available in our Farm Store

Area of Coverage: Guelph Area & Milton.

Share Information:

Approximately 275 shares available

Summer Shares:
Early Summer Share (5 weeks)
Mid Summer Share (5 weeks)
Late Summer Share (8 weeks)
Traditional Summer Share (18 weeks; all of the above)

Winter Share:
Six pickups in November & December
All Season Share (Winter Share & Traditional Share)

Visit our website for more information on, hours, pickup options, pricing & our Community Garden Plots.

519 824 1250 x245


Whole Circle Farm CSA

We are a diverse operation that incorporates sustainability, health and ethics to raise nourishing food for the mind, body and spirit. In 2010 our head farmers, Maggie and Johann Kleinsasser won the ‘Sustainable Farmer of the Year’ award from the National Farmers Union. Our practices go well beyond all organic standards and we are a member certified biodynamic farm.

We are happy to be part of our local community by providing delicious, fresh produce, grains, meat and eggs year-round. We run a 20 week summer CSA (mid-June till October/November) which accounts for one week of vacation and have two share types: full shares and half shares . We have a pick-up at the farm and a drop-off in Georgetown and Guelph. The Guelph drop-off is outside the Unitarian Church (122 Harris St) on Tuesdays 4pm to 7pm. We also run a winter CSA immediately following the end of the Summer CSA. For more information and updates please visit our website.

Produce: Fresh produce, grains, meat and eggs.

Area of Coverage: Guelph (Unitarian Church drop-off, 122 Harris St., Tuesdays, 4-7 p.m.) and Georgetown. Pickup at farm available.

Share Information:
Summer shares:
June to October/November: full – $600, Half: $335

See website for more information

Contact: See website for contact and ordering information


Zócalo Organics


Zócalo Organics is a small family farm run by new farmers Bethany Klapwyk and Sebastian Ramirez. The couple grew up in the Guelph area and came to farming because of their love for the outdoors and passion for environmental issues. 2015 will be their first full season on their own farm, and fourth season offering a CSA. They grow for 90-150 members (depending on share sizes purchased) and 12 local restaurants.  This is their fourth year offering CSA, but their first offering it at their new farm!

Zócalo is the name of the historic city centre of Mexico City. It is also the word used in most Mexican cities or towns for the “Plaza”. Since the days of the Aztecs, a Zócalo has been a central hub of community, a place for people to gather. It is because of the farm’s connection and reliance on community that the farm is named “Zócalo Organics”. Read more of the farm’s story here: or visit their new website

Area of Coverage: Guelph and Hillsburgh/Erin (on farm). Pickups are: Wednesdays 5-7pm near downtown Guelph at 47 Meadowview Ave; and on farm (between Hillsburgh and Guelph) on Thursdays all day.

Share Information:
Our season is extended and runs from mid June to mid November using our greenhouses and storage (one month longer than we previously offered).  All our vegetables are Certified Organic by Pro-Cert. We grow our food in a way that encourages the health and vitality of the soil, and preserves ecological integrity with minimal tractor and fossil fuel use.

Our CSA includes:

We offer three share sizes. Shares always include our signature salad mix as well as many other vegetables and a few fruits.  Some items included: carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, kale, beets, broccoli, squash, garlic, cucumbers, asparagus, rhubarb, asian pears, and more! We strive to provide a diverse and interesting box every week- with unique varieties and recipes. And we provide a swap bin so that you can trade if there is a vegetable you don’t like in the share.

We offer three sizes; small (biweekly- for an individual or couple who eat out often), Regular (weekly- for a veggie-loving couple or small family) and large (weekly- good for a family of 4 or more). Our shares are offered at a Sliding Scale Price. See our website for more details and to register or contact us for more details!

Contact: || 226-821-0572

Website:;  Or Find us on Facebook!

Cedar Down Farm CSA

Cedar Down Farm is a family-run organic farm growing a diverse selection of organic vegetables for Community Shared Agriculture (CSA), with weekly pickups at the Guelph Youth Music Centre.
We believe that everyone should be eating food that is nutritious, delicious and just, and that a local, ecologically-sound food system is the way to make that happen. Through our CSA, we provide our local community with freshly picked, organically-grown produce and give our members the opportunity to get to know the farm and farmers who produce their food.

Our summer CSA program begins in June and runs until November, providing members with an abundant selection of over 50 types of vegetables along with our newsletter with farm stories, facts and recipes. Our winter CSA picks up in November, with winter-hardy vegetables, legumes and greens until March.

Produce: Wide variety of fresh produce in summer, winter vegetables, legumes and greens in winter.
We will also be providing local, pasture-raised eggs, chicken, turkey, pork and lamb from our friends at Green Being Farm.

Area of Coverage: Guelph: Weekly pickups at the GYMC, 75 Cardigan St. Guelph.

Share Information:
Summer CSA: June – November
Winter CSA: November – March

See website for pricing and other information

Contact: Call 519-665-2008 or see website


Irvine Creek Organics

Irvine Creek Organics is a few acres of rolling, fertile soil located in Southern Ontario near Belwood Lake, about ten minutes outside of Fergus. Our beautiful location allows us to provide small-scale, organic agriculture for good folks in and around Fergus, Elora, Guelph and all of the other little communities that dot this corner of the countryside. The land at Irvine Creek Organics is worked by a few people who absolutely, positively love the way seeds can turn into food. We grow all our vegetables and herbs following strict organic guidelines, with a respect and understanding for the way nature likes things to work, and a belief that sustainability and ecological soundness are in the hands of the people- you, and us.

Produce: locally grown, organic produce starting in the last weeks of June.

Area of Coverage: Guelph, Fergus

Share Information: We offer two sizes of baskets, both of which vary in size according to the seasons. Shares start out small in the Spring and grow throughout Summer and Fall into baskets bursting with all of your favourite vegetables.
Regular Share: $575 (roughly fills a bushel basket) Small Share: $375 (roughly fills a half-bushel basket)

See website for more information

Phone: 519-787-2356
Fax: 519-787-0017

Mailing Address:
Irvine Creek Organics,
6759 Wellington Rd 16,
RR1 Belwood, Ontario,
N0B 1J0


Green Being Farm

Looking for delectably divine, locally and organically grown veggies to get you through the winter?

Green Being Farm specializes in WINTER CSA shares only! We are unique in that we are first and foremost dedicated to providing our members with local and organically grown food throughout the winter, when supply and quality is often declining. Imagine next February, eating crisp, sweet carrots that taste like they were just pulled from the ground, and garlic that is actually juicy rather than its dry counterpart from overseas! We specialize in a multitude of crops- a diverse array of winter squash, various kinds of carrots, squash, pungent onions and leeks, as well as winter greens to keep you nourished over the darker months.

What we have found is that eating locally is undoubtedly a joy in the summer but, when you get into January and February, things can get challenging. Our CSA is structured to keep things ‘fresh’, bringing new items to the table all winter long, some tried and true, and some new and unique. And, it’s not just about the veggies! As a member you get preferential access to our pastured Berkshire pork, pastured chicken and turkey, grassfed lamb and eggs from our flock of free-ranging, heritage hens. What’s more, we are working with 2 local chefs to provide our members with soups and other prepared meals made from Green Being ingredients.

Our goal is to provide you with the best eating experience possible throughout the winter, from the highest quality vegetables, to pastured and humanely raised meats and eggs. Everything is grown or raised with the greatest of respect for the environment, and the dignity of our animals.

Although we are all about winter, we accept members any time of the year.

Produce: carrots, beets, cabbages, kale, collards, garlic, potatoes, rutabaga, parsnip, kohlrabi, leeks, onions, celery root, squash, Brussels sprouts, spinach, pumpkin, (plus preferential access to our Berkshire pork, grassfed lamb, pastured turkeys, chickens and eggs.)

Area of Coverage: We deliver to Guelph every other Tuesday evening from late October to late Feb. (exact location TBA but will be in downtown area). We also deliver to Fergus and KW.

Share Information: Please check the website for current share prices


Terra Verde Homestead

Description: Terra Verde Homestead is a 10 acre farm in North Wellington County, 20 km south-east of Mount Forest. 1.5 acres of the farm is dedicated to a market garden and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). We also raise a variety of heirloom chickens, Indian Runner Ducks, honeybees, and are in the process of developing fruit and nut orchards, perennial berries, and flowers.

We love eating fresh, local food and we love growing fresh, delicious vegetables for others even more! We aim to foster a sustainable land ethic and use only organic methods and inputs on our farm.

Our 20 week CSA program starts in mid-June and continues until mid-October, with weekly pickups at St James the Apostle Church in Guelph as well as in Mount Forest.

Produce: We grow a wide range of vegetables including: lettuce (head and leaf), micro greens, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes, beans, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, radishes, beets, carrots, potatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, winter squash, pumpkins, and herbs. We also offer free-range egg shares. Our delicious honey and homemade beeswax candles will be available for purchase in late summer and fall.

Area of Coverage: Guelph and Mount Forest area: Weekly pickups at St James the Apostle Church, 86 Glasgow St. North, Guelph

Share Information:

Summer CSA: June – October

See website for pricing and other information

Contact: Call 519-265-3335 or see website


Drumlin Farm

Description: Drumlin Farm is unique among local, organic (we are certified) farms in that we not only grow nutritious organic food, but we also provide employment, work with the environment, and focus on a farming model that is sustainable, cost-effective, and viable. Members sign up for the full CSA season (first week of June to third week of October; 20 weeks).

Produce: Certified organic.

Area of Coverage: We serve all of Guelph, Hespeler, Elora, Milton and Puslinch.

Share Information: Drumlin Farm offers three sizes of box; small (1-2ppl) $350.00, regular (2-4ppl) $630.00, and large, (3-6ppl)$750.00. Your box will contain a variety of organic produce grown on our farm; the contents of which changes weekly. Pick-up in Guelph (near Downtown) is Wednesday, 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Pick-up at Drumlin Farm is Thursday From 2:00pm to 7:00pm. We are also looking at an Elora drop-off. Please inquire.

CO/O’s: Gerry and Sue Stephenson. Farm Manager: Sarah Dolamore. Staff: Sarah Feige, Claudia Bertrand.
Drumlin Farm
4565 Watson Rd. S.
RR1 Puslinch, ON
226 343 9618



Conroy’s Crops

Description: Conroy’s Crops is a small family run vegetable farm. We have two locations in Guelph, one close to downtown and one just outside the city, close to Guelph Lake. We grow local, no spray vegetables and follow organic farming practices as much as possible. We grow all kinds of vegetables from spring greens, to carrots, peas and tomatoes. We try to have a variety of vegetables available from mid-May until the end of October. In 2015 we started donating 10% of our crop to local Guelph food banks, so buying vegetables from us doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits our community. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this!

Area of Coverage: Guelph

Share Information: Individual veggies: A farm share box gives you fresh, local vegetables every week from mid June to mid October. We try to have a variety of vegetables each week from greens, peas, carrots, etc. When you sign up for a farm share box you are taking on the risk of crop failure and you may not get a certain vegetable if the year doesn’t go well. However, you also celebrate in the bounty when things go smoothly.

Lisa Conroy



Honest Field Farms

Description: Honest Field Farms is a family-run organic farm based in Hillsburgh (Erin), Ontario. We grow unique and heirloom varieties of vegetables as well as timeless favourites. Our mission is to grow and sell the freshest, best-tasting produce to provide healthy food for healthy individuals, families and communities.

From June through October, we run a small, member-focused CSA. We also participate in local farmers’ markets and sell produce to local businesses and nonprofits.

Honest Field Farms is run by Jon Gowing and Kate Flynn. We started farming in 2008 and quickly fell in love with the work, the delicious food and the community we found through organic farming. We run the farm, along with our dog, Rosie, and a great crew of young farmers. To learn more please visit our website.

Produce: Organic vegetables, herbs, flowers

Area of Coverage: Erin/Hillsburgh, Aberfoyle, Waterdown, Hamilton

Share Information: June through October: $515 (feeds 2-4)

Contact: Please see website for contact and ordering information –

Parker Family Farm

Description: Our farm, south of Guelph, in Puslinch township is offering csa for the third year. We are an ecological farm, practise organic farming methods and are devoted to sustainable farming. Over the years Gregory Parker has created, worked the farm, developed forest stewardship, with his team of Belgians and is willing to take on apprenticeship training.

Produce: greens, brassicas, cucurbits, solancea, alliums, cucumber, root vegetables, fruit, flowers and more

Share Information: This year we are having csa pick up on the farm, located at 4616 Watson Rd nw of Maltby on Thursdays 4-6 PM starting May 31-Oct.31, offering delivery for a fee. CSA cost is $500 for 2 or $1000 for 4 or more.

Contact: email or call 226-820-1239 for more details