On Thurs. March 12, the Transition Guelph Board regretfully announced to key stakeholders the decision to cancel the 10th annual Resilience Festival.  “Resilience & community are two core values of Transition Guelph.” said Steve Tedesco, Board Chair.   “Both speak strongly to looking out for each other in our community and being respectful of potentially significant risks.  With the rapidly escalating covid-19 pandemic, we are no longer confident that in two weeks we can offer a safe and healthy environment for Festival goers.”

Cancelling the Festival due to an unexpected risk event is ironic and unfortunate.   The Festival theme of local food represents a critical part of reducing our community’s vulnerability to the health, economic, and supply chain disruptions to come.   STAY TUNED!  Transition Guelph will look for other ways to get these important messages out.

A huge “thank you” goes out to all the organizers, Festival participants and sponsors for their work, enthusiasm and commitment to the Festival.  We look forward to putting on a great Festival when the time is right.

For those of you looking forward to Seedy Saturday – these are the vendors to contact:  http://guelphresiliencefestival.ca/seedy-saturday-vendors/