Transition Guelph

Community Engagement

This working group is where the magic happens in order to expand our reach and engage the community in the great work of the working groups and projects, in order to build a strong network of organizations, people and businesses working towards a resilient community!

The mission of the community engagement working group is to engage the diverse communities of Guelph-Wellington in the Transition Guelph movement. We work towards:


We are working towards our goals through many exciting activities and events including potlucks, community movie night, the Resilience Festival, Transition Streets, getting out to the fantastic community events that happen in Guelph and much more! Our goal is to connect with you, so wherever you are, we hope to be! Invite us to come out and speak at an event, or to just come and see what you and your community are doing. We want to know how we can support you in your efforts towards a resilient community!

How do I get involved?

If you love spreading the word in the community and engaging with many diverse people in your community, then this working group is for you! If you have a skill or network that you think you can contribute, please e-mail us as we are always looking for new ways to outreach to the community!

To get involved or for more information please contact:

News and Updates

Let May be filled with digging, planting, and weeding!

Posted April 27, 2016 by

Planting season is upon us and there is so much going on with TG right now. May is looking jam packed right now! I’m sitting at almost 7 months pregnant right now and I can honestly say that I plan on spending every spare moment […] Read more

Fostering Connection and Unleashing Awesome

Posted March 27, 2015 by

Well, as the week wraps up, I can honestly say it’s been an amazing week of events for this year’s Resilience Festival. I feel quite honoured to have been a part of the celebration this year. So far, I’ve been able to attend The Great […] Read more

Guelph Gives

Posted November 26, 2014 by

There’s something wonderful happening next week in Guelph.  Everyone knows about Black Friday, and now there’s Cyber Monday – but what if the whole world decided to make a contribution to their preferred charity on one day? That’s the idea behind Giving Tuesday: one day where everyone can help […] Read more

How to Volunteer with Transition Guelph!

Posted October 9, 2014 by

Over the last few months, we’ve been collecting feedback from folks who are interested in volunteering with Transition Guelph. For those of you who have filled out our online survey, thanks for sharing your thoughts! If you haven’t filled the survey out yet, it only takes a minute of […] Read more

Event Highlight: Jon Young coming to Guelph

Posted September 26, 2014 by

Next week, there is an amazing event happening in Guelph that I am so excited for and I wanted to share with everyone. Transition Guelph is happy to announce that The Guelph Outdoor School is bringing Jon Young to Guelph to give a talk on mentorship, forming […] Read more