Transition Guelph

Inner Transition

The change from an unsustainable society to a sustainable, life-enhancing human presence on this planet involves a big shift in human consciousness, a big ‘change of heart’. The Inner Transition group explores the psychological and social aspects of this shift and helps to facilitate peoples’ collective journey through the transition.

Some Questions that Inner Transition asks:

What is it actually like to be human, alive and awake at this time in the history of the planet, the history of humanity?

What is it like to live within, and inevitably be part of, our current global economic system, and how can we best support one another as we create new systems?

What of our dreams and visions, fears and angers, grief, passion and inspiration?

What may motivate us to creatively transform how we live, and equally, what tends to ‘shut us down’ and get us to reach for comfort instead?

How are we shaped by the society we live in, and also how does what lies within us in turn lead to the society we create together?

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