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Do you wish you could make pies like your grandmother, knit something you’ll actually wear, or forage for edible plants and fungi? What about butcher a hog or brew your own craft beer? These skills, perfected by past generations, are being lost to many of us today.

The Reskilling Working Group has partnered with Minga Skill Building Hub who runs hands-on workshops where you learn how to create more of the products you consume. Each workshop is designed so that you bring home a finished product and/or will be able to complete a finished product on your own. Materials are organic and sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. Workshops are led by people who have a passion for their craft and who are eager to share their expertise, excitement and story. Workshop length and small group size (typically a maximum of 8 participants) allow for plenty of one-on-one coaching and encouragement. Visit Minga to learn more about their workshops.

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Learn to make your own body care products!

Posted February 10, 2014 by

Minga Skillbuilding Hub, a Transition Guelph partner with the reskilling working group is hosting an exciting workshop for DIY fans: Body Care Products! Body care products are chock-full of ingredients that have harmful effects on you and your family: Tricolsan, Sodium-Laurel Sulfates and synthetic fragrance are […] Read more