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The Transition Initiative is modeled with a bottom up approach that focuses on the people who want to form working groups. Anyone can get involved easily by forming a working group with the support of Transition Guelph. People who have an interest in a resilience building project or topic can come together and work under Transition Guelph who provides support and advice, as well as financial support and legal accountability. This self-organizing structure allows for passion to guide the actions of each group.

Every working group is recognized on the steering committee that helps Transition Guelph operate as a whole. The steering group helps support each working group, but the relationship between the two


groups is more like a hub with many spokes rather than an inverted tree. Likewise, the board members are available to provide support to each project through facilitation, connecting people with shared interests and passions.

This structure is designed with resiliency in mind, as well as the opportunity for each Transition Town to take action in areas that make sense for each unique city.


Our BOD are all volunteers with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

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